Adeva® BigFlow

Clinical application

According to its manufacturer, the Adeva® BigFlow prosthesis is intended for use in cases of spontaneous shunt expansion. The large outer and inner diameters produce a low flow resistance when speaking. The wing-shaped discs (flange) guarantee a safe position in the shunt.
CAVE: There is some debate as to whether the introduction of a prosthesis with a large shaft diameter is of any benefit in cases of spontaneous shunt expansion (see Literature).

Type of prosthesis:Low-resistance non-indwelling/indwelling prosthesis
Outer diameter of shaft:9mm / 11mm
Shaft lengths:8,5mm
Material:medical-grade silicone
Valve type:flap valve with enclosure
Method of insertion:anterograde using ear forceps
Indication:special prosthesis for shunt expansion
Biofilm resistance:no
Underpressure stability:no
Non-fatiguing valve mechanism:no


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