Provox® HME System

The Provox® HME System - HMEs and combinations with HMEs

Note: All Provox® HMEs are compatible with the 22-mm connector. All Provox HMEs except for the Micron are filled with a sponge (S) that has been treated with calcium chloride and is the actual heat and moisture exchanger. Provox® HMEs should be changed after 24 hours at the latest.

Provox® XtraHME™ (since 2010)

Some of the well-proven construction details of the Provox HME Cassette have been taken over in the development of the new Provox® XtraHME™ (low profile design, lateral air inlets, suspended cover plate).

The main development goal was to increase the HMEs capacity of humidity retention at an optimized air flow resistance. For this reason the Provox® XtraHME™ is available in two versions. The XtraMoist provides a maximum retention capacity of heat and moisture. The XtraFlow allows easy breathing with a low airflow resistance.

In order to raise the capacity for heat and moisture, the XtraHME™ is filled with a larger volume of foam. The spring mechanism (2) for the cover plate was replaced by additional elastic foam (3) that acts as a spring and an HME in one. The new skin colored cover plate has got a central ridge (1) to facilitate the orientation of the finger tip.

Provox® HME cassette (1995-2010)

The Provox® HME cassette is a proven HME. A spring cover (1) completely closes off the tracheostoma when lightly touched with a finger. So the shape of the finger does not have to fit the tracheostoma precisely. The side openings (2) facilitate breathing across a relatively large cross section but a flat construction.

The side ring (3) on the cover prevents the tracheostoma from closing accidently as clothing presses against it.

The Provox HME cassette is available in a “Normal” version with average flow resistance, and as a “HiFlow” version with low flow resistance. The HiFlow HME can be used while the patient becomes accustomed to an HME or is physically active.

Provox® FreeHands HME cassette

Provox® FreeHands HME cassettes can only be used in combination with a Provox FreeHands tracheostoma valve or a Provox Cap. They have an open front (1) onto which the FreeHands valve or Cap is placed and secured in position, and a back (2) with plastic clips that point towards the wind pipe when in use.

The plastic clips prevent the foam from shifting into the wind pipe, which is why it is essential that the installation of the FreeHands HME cassette be carried out in the direction given.

This is assured technically, as the FreeHands valve or Cap will only slot into place when in the correct orientation.

The positioning and engaging of the FreeHands valve or Cap on the FreeHands HME cassette is best achieved if the HME cassette is on a firm base and the valve or Cap is positioned from the side and then pushed into place.

The Freehands HME cassette is squeezed to remove it.

Provox® Micron HME™

The Micron HME™ was launched on the market in 2008.

It consists of an HME (1) and an electrostatic filter cap (2) around the HME designed to filter bacteria and viruses out of the air breathed. The filtering efficiency for bacteria and viruses is given as more than 99%. It is intended to reduce the risk of infection through air-borne pathogens. The Micron is flat in construction, the air inlet with a large lumen and positioned at the side so it is not moved by the patient’s clothing. The Micron HME has a 22-mm connector, and can be combined with tracheostoma plasters, silicone tracheostomy tubes and tracheostoma buttons.

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