As the various tracheostoma products (plasters, tubes, HMEs, tracheostoma valves etc.) have to be combined (e.g. plaster + HME), the connections need to be standardized as far as possible. A plug connection with a diameter of 22 mm has become established for tracheostoma products for laryngectomees, and enables products made by various manufacturers to be combined.

Most tracheostoma adhesives, tubes and buttons for laryngectomees have a 22-mm diameter standard holding fixture for tracheostoma valves, HMEs or a shower protector.

HMEs, tracheostoma valves and the shower protector for laryngectomees usually have a 22-mm diameter lug that fits on the 22-mm holding fixture for adhesives, tubes and buttons shown above.

NOTE: Cyranose products do not use the 22 mm connector.

In order to ensure that the HME, tracheostoma valve or shower protector is held firmly in place, the lug of a 22-mm connector has a lip that fits in a nut in the holding fixture of the 22 mm connector.


Unlike the 22-mm standard, most endotracheal tubes used for artificial ventilation and tracheal tubes for non-laryngectomees use the 15-mm ISO standard for plug connections. These products therefore require an adaptor (e.g. Provox® adaptor, Fahl Adapter) if they are to be used with tracheostoma products for laryngectomees.