Blom-Singer® HME System

The Blom-Singer® HME System - HMEs and combinations with HME

Note: All Blom-Singer® HMEs are compatible with the 22-mm connector. The foam of  Blom-Singer®HMEs is specially treated with an antibacterial agent and a salt to retain moisture.

Blom-Singer® HME Cartridge

The HME Cartridge is a single-use HME cassette with an HME foam filter on the inside. One structural innovation is the “EasyTouch” system, which causes the tracheostoma to close completely at a touch on the closing plate of the cassette from a certain pressure point regardless of the level of pressure, or whether it is applied in the middle or at the side of the closing plate. This may be an advantage for less dexterous patients. The tracheostoma is closed by a plate under the HME foam, which protects it against phlegm when the patient coughs. The HME Cartridge is available in only one flow resistance strength, and fits on the 22-mm connector.

Blom-Singer® HumidiFilter +Cap

The HumidiFilter is only intended for use as an HME attachment for the tracheostoma valve ATSV II (1). It consists of a cap (2) that is placed on the tracheostoma valve and secured in place by a rotation (5). It secures the HumidiFilter Cap Foam Filter (3), which is available separately. These foam filters are only available in one flow resistance strength. It is notched on both sides (4), and is wrapped around the bar of the ATSV II.

Blom-Singer® HumidiFilter 

The Blom-Singer® HumidiFilter™ System is one of the best priced and simplest HMEs. It consists of a reusable cassette (1) with a profile opening that is designed to aid closure with a finger and replaceable single-use HME foam filters (2). The foam filters are placed in the cassette (3) and changed when dirty. Fit any 22-mm connector.