Blom-Singer® DUAL VALVE™

Clinical application

The aim behind the development of the Blom-Singer® DUAL VALVE™ prosthesis was to manufacture a voice prosthesis with a functional retention period of around 6 months at an economically feasible price. To this end, two valves were integrated in the prosthesis with the idea that in the event of a defect in the esophageal valve, the second valve, in a tracheal position, would continue to seal. In order to make the valves resistant to biofilm growth, the two valves in the DUAL VALVE™ prosthesis are made of silver oxide silicone. The fear that two valves could increase the airflow resistance of the prosthesis when speaking was addressed by using valves that open easily. A brush is no longer recommended for cleaning the DUAL VALVE™; it can be flushed with water.

Type of prosthesis:Low-resistance indwelling prosthesis
Outer diameter of shaft:20 Fr (6.7 mm) and 16 Fr (5.7 mm)
Shaft lengths:6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm
Valve type:2 independent flap valves
Method of insertion:anterograde and retrograde
Indication:short retention period of a standard prosthesis
Biofilm resistance:silver oxide silicone on the valve
Underpressure stability:as yet unknown
Non-fatiguing valve mechanism:as yet unknown
Radiotherapy/x-ray:radio-opaque valve and valve seat
Lifetime:manufacturer recommends changing after 6 months

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