Blom Singer® Increased Resistance

Clinical application

The Blom Singer® Increased Resistance prosthesis was developed from the Blom Singer® Classic Indwelling prosthesis. The silicone hinge on the valve flap was reinforced to improve the durability of the valves in patients with underpressure related valve opening. The resistance during speaking is higher than in a low-resistance prosthesis.

Type of prosthesis:High resistance indwelling prosthesis
Outer diameter of shaft:20 Fr or 16 Fr (6.6 mm or 5.9 mm)
Shaft lengths:4-22 mm in 2 mm increments
Material:medical-grade silicone
Valve type:flap valve with a reinforced hinge
Method of insertion:gel capsule, anterograde
Indication:underpressure related valve opening
Biofilm resistance:no
Underpressure stability:yes
Non-fatiguing valve mechanism:no
Prevalence:USA, Europe, Asia


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