Blom-Singer® Classic Indwelling

Clinical application

The Blom Singer® Classic Indwelling prosthesis is made entirely of silicone with no reinforced shaft. Insertion with the gel capsule is atraumatic and flexible. The valve is slightly prone to shear stress. The esophageal flange contrasts in x-rays. European designs give the shaft length in mm on the tracheal flange. The 20 fr design of the Blom-Singer® Classing Indwelling prosthesis is approximately the same as the Provox 2 in use, and despite the minor difference in the outer shaft diameter they can usually be used as a substitute for each other.

Type of prosthesis:low-resistance indwelling prosthesis
Outer diameter of shaft:20 Fr or 16 Fr (6,6 mm oder 5,9 mm)
Shaft lengths:4-22 mm in 2 mm increments
Material:medical-grade silicone
Valve type:flap valve
Method of insertion:gel capsule, anterograde
Indication:Standard prosthesis
Biofilm resistance:no
Underpressure stability:no
Non-fatiguing valve mechanism:nein
Prevalence:USA, Europa, Asia


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