Blom-Singer® Large Esophageal Flange

Clinical application

The esophageal flange of the Blom-Singer® Large Esophageal Flange prosthesis has been increased to 19 mm (standard prosthesis approx. 12 mm). In the event of leakage around the voice prosthesis, the Large Esophageal Flange prosthesis can be introduced to seal it. The depth of the esophageal fistula is measured precisely, and a well-fitting Large Esophageal Flange prosthesis used instead of a standard prosthesis. The larger esophageal flange fits snugly against the esophageal mucous membrane, and seals the esophagus against the esophagotracheal fistula. In cases of extremely unstable, e.g. infected/necrotic esophagotracheal fistulas, the size of the tracheal flange may also be increased (custom fit; see Managing complications). The valve of the Blom-Singer® Large Esophageal Flange prosthesis is a low-resistance valve, non-biofilm resistant, and susceptible to shear stress and material fatigue. Since 2010, factory-modified prostheses with larger flanges, esophageal, on the tracheal side, on both sides, with a stronger valve and in special shafts lengths in 16 Fr and 20 Fr have been available to order through the Rapid Response Program.

Type of prosthesis:Special prosthesis
Outer diameter of shaft:20 Fr or 16 Fr (6.6 mm or 5.9 mm)
Shaft lengths:4-22 mm in 2 mm increments
Material:medical-grade silicone
Valve type:flap valve
Method of insertion:anterograde with a conical gel capsule
Indication:periprosthetic leakage
Biofilm resistance:no
Underpressure stability:available on request
Non-fatiguing valve mechanism:no
Prevalence:USA, Europe


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