Adeva® Highflow

Clinical application

The Adeva® Highflow prosthesis was developed with the aim of making talking easier for patients and to enable them to talk for longer. The Adeva Highflow® prosthesis is compatible with the ESKA-Herrmann system. The Adeva Highflow® prosthesis can be used as an indwelling and as a non-indwelling prosthesis.

Type of prosthesis:Low-resistance non-indwelling/indwelling prosthesis
Outer diameter of shaft:6mm
Shaft lengths:5.5-7 mm, 7-8.5 mm, 8.5-10 mm
Material:medical-grade silicone
Valve type:flap valve with enclosure
Method of insertion:anterograde with carrier
Indication:standard prosthesis
Biofilm resistance:no
Underpressure stability:yes
Non-fatiguing valve mechanism:no