Blom-Singer® Advantage

Clinical application

The valve of the Blom-Singer® Advantage prosthesis is made of silver oxide silicone. Rather than being applied as a coating, the silver oxide is incorporated in the silicone (7%), and is intended to reduce biofilm formation on the valve. There are two versions of the Blom-Singer® Advantage prosthesis. The "Hard Valve Assembly" has a reinforcing titanium ring in the shaft and is available in 20 Fr. The "Soft Valve Assembly" Blom-Singer® Advantage prosthesis does not have the titanium ring and is available in shaft diameters of 16 Fr and 20 Fr.

CAVE: The studies mentioned here apply to the "Hard Valve Assembly" Blom-Singer® Advantage prosthesis.

Type of prosthesis:Low-resistance indwelling prosthesis
Outer diameter of shaft:20 Fr or 16 Fr (6.6 or 5.9 mm)
Shaft lengths:4-22 mm in 2 mm increments
Material:medical-grade silicone, silver oxide silicone around the valve
Valve type:flap valve
Method of insertion:anterograde with a gel capsule
Indication:biofilm-based transprosthetic leakage
Biofilm resistance:yes
Underpressure stability:no
Non-fatiguing valve mechanism:no
Prevalence:USA, Europe (low)


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