Manufacturer: Covidien (formerly Tyco Healthcare) Avenida Henequen, Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, MEXICO
Material: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

Covidien offers a wide range of adult and paediatric cannulas under the brand name "Shiley". The Shiley FEN was one of the first and most successful multifunction cannulas. Shiley multifunction cannulas are made of relatively soft PVC, and have a neck flange that tilts up and down with an anatomical bend. They are available in a fenestrated or non-fenestrated version, and are mostly used with a fenestrated inner cannula for speaking and a non-fenestrated one for breathing. The inner cannulas are blocked either by twist-lock or snap-lock, and have a 15mm connector for use with a respirator. A low-pressure cuff is used.

Shiley XLT cannulas have a very long cannula tube in front of (proximal) or beyond (distal) the cannula’s bend that might be suitable for obese patients or patients with distal tracheal stenosis.
A cannula version for dilated tracheotomy is also available.